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our first show of this tour is SATURDAY! that is so soon! we will be joined on all shows by our best friends good grief. please come out! they are from the uk and have never played america, land of dreams, before, so we want to show them the best time possible.

July 19: Alexandria, VA @ The Lab w/Soundtrack to Sleep
July 20: Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
July 21: Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/Joe Jack Talcum, humanshapes
July 22: Lindenwold, NJ @ The Sex Dungeon w/Brick Mower
July 23: NYC @ Shea Stadium w/Crow Bait, Deep Pockets
July 24: Salem, VA @ Billy’s Barn w/Bastards of Fate
July 25: Athens, GA @ Slopfest
July 27: Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room w/Muuy Biien, Hip to Death
July 28: Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light w/Wichita Falls
July 29: Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar w/International Friendly

we will have copies (vinyl, cd, cassette) of our new album CRUNCH as well as the ill-fated tour 7” we made last year with good grief!

Eureka California is a band that was created in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina by a fellow named Jake Ward. Various band members have come and gone over the years but now it’s just Jake and Marie A. Uhler. The duo is now based in Athens, Georgia…which seems like a much more appropriate home for this strangely addictive band. The songs are decidedly out of synch with what is currently popular in the world of music. Instead of smooth technology-produced perfection, Ward and Uhler create noisy and aggressive rocky chunks full of attitude and bite. The style of music these folks are playing was once popular in underground circles in the mid- to late-1980s when the home recording explosion was just beginning. You can tell from the song titles that there’s a different sense of humor happening here: “Edith (One Day You’ll Live In A Bunker),” “No Mas,” “I Bet That You Like Julian Cope,” “Art Is Hard,” “How Long Til The Medicine Takes?” Ha ha ha ha ha…funny stuff. But the songs themselves aren’t jokes at all. These cuts feature cool catchy melodies, nifty guitar riffs, and rhythms that are simple and direct. We love the direct approach this band is taking. We’d be willing to bet they’re a gas live. Way cool and full of major spunk. Top pick.
Baby Sue review of Eureka California’s Crunch

18 months after their debut LP, Big Cats Can Swim, Athens, GA’s Eureka California have slimmed down to a bassless duo for their second collection of fuzzy, in-the-red songs.

To be clear, Crunch is no White Stripes schtick. Guitarist/vocalist Jake Ward and drummer Marie A. Uhler can actually play their instruments quite well, immediately setting them apart from the overrated defunct Detroit duo. Rather, this Southern pair creates energetic power pop with a slight Guided By Voices flair, particularly on “Twin Cities,” though “There’s No Looking Back” lilts like Iggy Pop‘s “The Passenger,” even when it explodes in speed and volume. “I Bet You Like Julian Cope” comes across as total Ramones worship and “#1 In The State” bares the streetwise tragedy of Johnny Thunders. The Jam-like “This Ain’t No A-Side” is particularly impressive, with Ward single-handedly covering both the biting guitar riff and rolling bassline in a single lick. It’s the sound of a band grown more seasoned by constantly touring, rehearsing and recording, bass players be damned.

Hearing how fast they’ve grown in a year-and-a-half, one can’t help but wonder where Eureka California will be in another year. Miles ahead of now, no doubt. That should be quite the album.

The Big Takeover review of Eureka California’s Crunch


HHBTM is reissuing the album Brick Factory on cassette, and for the first time on LP. The vinyl will come with a digital download card that has a bonus 20 tracks taken from demos, singles, and comps. Deluxe editions will come with a cassette of all those digital tracks + a few more rarities and a button. The regular LP version will be $12 and $20 for the deluxe. The cassette version will be $5 and $13 for the deluxe.

There’s knowing your audience and then there’s knowing your audience, and the Athens, GA band Eureka, California definitely know their audience. Why else would they package the deluxe edition of their new album Crunch with a mock 33 1/3-style book about the record’s creation, if not to appeal to the very sorts of people who would freak out over such a thing, this writer included. Sure enough, one listen to Crunch‘s excellent “Twin Cities” bears that out. A fantastically clanging number, the song recalls music nerd indie rock of old, with hollered vocals and the kind of fuzzy, slashing chords that used to show up on released by Homestead Records. The band sacrifices neither melody nor scuzz, recreating guitar-driven slacker rock in their own image.
Wondering Sound (via eurekacalifornia)
Athens Banner Herald review of Eureka California’s Crunch.

Athens Banner Herald review of Eureka California’s Crunch.

Eureka California CRUNCH preorder available only until Thursday.
LP | CD | Cassette

Eureka California CRUNCH preorder available only until Thursday.

LP | CD | Cassette

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